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Getting Started

Installing the CLI#

In order to get started with the Ox CLI you should install. You can grab the binary from the github repository or you can install from source, which is the recommended way. To install from source you should run:

go install

Once this completes you should have the Ox binary in your terminal. You can test it and see if it works by running:

ox help

You should see something like:

[info] Using wawandco/ox/cmd/ox 
Ox allows to build apps with ease
Usage:  ox [command]
Commands:Command      Alias  help          h       prints help text for the commands registered  build         b       builds a buffalo app from within the root folder of the project  dev           d       calls NPM or yarn to start webpack watching the assetst  db                    database operation commands  test                  provides the structure for test commands to run and be organized  fix                   adapts the source code to comply with newer versions of the CLI  generate      g       Allows to invoke registered generator plugins  new                   Generates a new app with registered plugins  task                  Runs grifts tasks previously imported in the CLI  version       v       returns the current version of Ox CLI

Which means you're all set to start building your first application.

Generating a new app#

With the Ox CLI you can generate a new app from scratch, this process will build a folder structure with all that you need to get started writing you web application with Go. To generate this new app you can run:

ox new coke # Where  `coke` is the name of the app.

Once this has completed you should have a new folder called coke in your current working directory. This folder will contain all the files and folders that you need to get started with your web application.

Setting up the database#

Once your app has been generated you need to do one more step to run it, which is setting up the DB. Ox comes up with the database command to help you with this. To run the database command you can run:

ox db create 

This command will create a database instance for the development environment, in our case called coke_development which our application will connect to while in development mode.

Running the app#

Once the db has been setup you can start your app by running:

ox dev

And then visit the app in your browser at http://localhost:3000/.