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Base Plugins

We mentioned the plugin registry in the Architecture section, the registry holds all the plugins that are available in the CLI. One important thing about the registry is that it does not come blank, rather it comes with a set of predefined plugins which we call base.

Ox is built on top of libraries we consider to be stable and reliable, and the list of plugins we use is a combination of these libraries. Among those libraries we use are:

  • Buffalo (Framework)
  • Pop (ORM)
  • Docker (Dockerfile generated)
  • Git (As the source control)
  • Node (For frontend related work)
  • Refresh (To hot-reload while in development)
  • Webpack (For assets related work)
  • Yarn (For frontend related work)

While we only have there stable libraries and plugins we tend to continuously evaluate the libraries we use and add/remove plugins depending on the evolution of the underlying libraries. We see base plugins as a foundation for anyone to get started with ox.

The full list of base plugins can be found here.